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Our mission is to equip people to live out their God-given purpose through sound biblical teaching praise, worship and service. Our goal is to provide people with the tools to experience worship in their everyday lives.

Guided by the model of the early Christ followers in Acts 2:42-47, you will find clear teaching of God's word, prayer, and fellowships when you visit The Gathering Place. Our multicultural and multigenerational communities are comprised of local and global individuals and families. 


Every Sunday our services offer an opportunity to come together,

in-person or online, to engage in praise and worship and hear the teaching of the word. Following the service, we love to gather together in fellowship for those seeking true Christian connection. Throughout the week, we have prayer meetings and a weekly Bible study online.


House of Prayer

"..."Is it not written: 'My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations'?..." Mark 11:17

The Gathering Place believes that God does amazing things through prayer! We strive to be in a close relationship with God, aligned with His will, and wait expectantly that He will do great things!

If you are in need of prayer, we would love to pray for you! Please fill out this form:

God is the creator of the universe. He exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, equal but one God.

Jesus is the Son of God and equal to the Father. He lived a sinless life, offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for man’s sin by dying on the cross. He rose from the dead to demonstrate His power over sin and death, ascended to heaven and will return again to reign as King of Kings. 

The Holy Spirit is the name of the third person in the Godhead. Jesus promised the Apostles that he would send the Holy Spirit after his death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit is not only to be with us but in us as seen on the day of Pentecost. This indwelling gives us power to live and be witnesses of Jesus. 

Salvation is a free gift from God. Man can never make up for sin through work, only by accepting God’s offer of forgiveness through Jesus Christ, thereby gaining eternal life.

The Bible is God’s word to men. It is written by humans under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the ultimate source of truth for Christian beliefs and living.


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